Restore your smile and renew your quality of life!

Missing teeth can be more than just embarrassing. They can prevent you from eating the foods you love, and lead to much more serious health complications including gum disease, bite problems, bone loss and speech difficulties

At Novato Family Dental, we focus on total wellness. Not only can we restore your smile and your confidence, we can help you renew your quality of life by replacing your missing teeth with a dental bridge made of beautiful, natural looking porcelain.

A dental bridge is a custom-fitted false tooth or row of teeth placed between two healthy teeth and permanently held in place by porcelain crowns. It can provide a smooth and complete chewing surface, and does not require surgery.

If the teeth bordering your gap are not healthy enough to crown, a dental implant may be necessary to anchor the dental bridge. And if many of your teeth are missing, you may benefit more from a partial denture.

Let the expert professionals at Novato Family Dental evaluate your smile and help determine the best and most efficient solution for you. Schedule a consultation with our doctors today!

Let us recreate your smile and revitalize your life!

The loss of your natural teeth can be not only difficult, but traumatic as well. Not only can missing teeth cause great discomfort, they can negatively impact your appearance and your oral health. Isn’t it time to restore your smile and live life again to the fullest with properly designed, natural looking dentures?

Dentures are a durable, natural-looking solution to replacing multiple missing teeth, and are available in both partial and full varieties.

Partial dentures replace multiple missing teeth on an upper or lower arch, and unlike dental bridges, can replace teeth that are not next to one another. Partials are held securely by inconspicuous clasps on adjacent teeth, and are flexible for a comfortable fit.

Full dentures replace all of the teeth on an upper or lower arch. While typically held in place with adhesive, securing dentures with dental implants can provide greater stability — preventing them from clicking or slipping out of place.

Every patient’s needs are unique, and every patient deserves an attractive smile that fits his or her face. The doctors at Novato Family Dental will take the time to learn about your special sensitivities and requirements before they design full or partial dentures that will be customized just for you.

Don’t suffer any longer by living with missing teeth. Learn about all of your denture options at Novato Family Dental Care, so you can start living well again.

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