Offering beautiful new teeth — for life.

Improve your smile and your lifestyle by choosing a permanent solution for missing teeth — dental implants. A secure, appealing alternative to bridges and dentures, dental implants restore strength, functionality and beauty all at once. Yet they are also commonly used for anchoring bridges and dentures to prevent slipping, clicking and discomfort.

Modeled after an entire natural tooth from the root up, a dental implant is a prosthetic that closely mimics nature. Implants not only look great, they also feel just like your normal teeth — because they are affixed to the jawbone with a titanium anchor.

After a thorough evaluation, our dentists can tell you if you are a good candidate for dental implants — which usually require adequate bone structure for placement. The next step involves oral surgery to install a titanium post into the jawbone for each missing tooth, or for new teeth that will anchor a bridge or denture to prevent it from slipping.

Some time will pass to allow your bone tissue to fuse with the post in order to create a solid foundation. Once that exists, a permanent crown — designed to exactly match your natural teeth — is attached to each post.

Dental implants are both an ideal treatment for missing teeth and a long-term solution to tooth loss. The only option that actually replaces the root of the tooth, not just the tooth itself, implants provide stability for replacement teeth and can minimize further bone loss that resulting from a missing tooth.

If you want to permanently regain your ability to eat, speak, and smile with confidence, dental implants may be for you. Make an appointment with our dentists to learn more about this great, durable option for tooth replacement.

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