Protect and preserve your natural teeth

If you still think an infected tooth is less painful than a root canal, think again. Major advancements in dental technology and anesthesia have made root canals easier and more comfortable than ever before. You might even fall asleep during one!

Now there are no more excuses to avoid root canal therapy — a vital procedure that done early enough, can save your infected tooth from extraction and replacement with a prosthetic.

Teeth are made up of layers: the outer protective enamel, the dentin, and the inner pulp — known as the “nerve” of the tooth. The pulp branches off into canals that lead to the root, and helps the tooth both absorb nutrients and shed toxins via the bloodstream.

Several conditions can put these canals at risk of bacterial infection, such as tooth decay, trauma, a deep cavity or tooth fracture. An infection can destroy the pulp, cause inflammation, and create pressure within the tooth — initiating severe pain and increasing the potential of bone degeneration and tooth loss.

Root canal therapy can put a permanent stop to the pain, save your tooth, and can usually be completed in the same day. We begin the procedure by creating an opening in the tooth in order to access the infected pulp, which we then remove. Next, we clean, disinfect and reshape the canal, and fill it with a sealer to prevent future infection. Lastly, we cap the tooth with a natural looking porcelain crown that is custom made to match your teeth.

While nothing is more important than preserving your natural teeth, your comfort with having a root canal is paramount. Our dentists will take all the time you need to discuss a treatment plan and address your concerns. If you have reservations, let us know so we can discuss sedation options and put you at ease.

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