Look great and feel great with a whiter, brighter smile!

Improve the color of your teeth with our take-home professional whitening system — a custom set of whitening trays and a powerful, yet gentle bleaching solution that will produce a nice, bright smile at your convenience.

Safe and effective, it is designed to lighten the appearance of stains and discoloration on the surface of the teeth in a prescribed manner. Our whitening system includes customized clear trays for top and bottom teeth, with loaded syringes that contain a special bleaching gel to fill the trays.

While some teeth whitening kits can be purchased over-the-counter, the whitening agents they contain will not improve the appearance of your teeth as quickly or as powerfully as our professional system. Our whitening solution also causes much less irritation to the gums than store-bought whitening kits.

First we take an impression of your teeth, and then provide you with custom trays that fit snugly over your teeth in order to whiten their full surface. The trays should be worn as directed to achieve optimum results. Our dentists will carefully monitor your treatment to ensure that you achieve the aesthetic outcome you desire.

Expect to see improvement after just a few applications, and in two to three weeks, a dramatically whiter smile. Once your teeth achieve the desired brightness, only an occasional touch-up (bleaching gel) may be needed. Maintaining your whiter teeth, along with good oral hygiene, will help your whitening results last for years.

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