Safeguard your teeth with an occlusal guard

Without even realizing it, some of us grind or clench our teeth while sleeping at night, or even during our waking hours. Stress can sometimes be a factor in contributing to both.

Bruxism — the technical term for these repetitive actions — can pose serious risk to the integrity of your teeth, and lead to severe dental damage.

Persistent grinding can wear down the tooth’s enamel, lead to fractures inside the teeth, or in some cases, even alter your bite. This action can also generate a significant amount of pain and discomfort in the jaw, face, and mouth, as well as headache.

To help maintain the health, lifetime and beauty of your teeth, mouthguards offer dental protection from nighttime grinding and clenching.

At Novato Family Dental Care, we can design a comfortable, custom-fitted nightguard to fit easily on your upper and/or lower teeth to protect them from the wear and tear of grinding. You may even notice a difference in the way you feel after you awaken from sleeping with a custom nightguard.

If you think you may be grinding or clenching your teeth at night, we can confirm your suspicions at your routine dental exam, and deliver a solution to arrest any further damage.

Additionally, for athletic patients who enjoy contact sports like football, basketball, soccer, or hockey — even tennis — a custom-fit sports mouthguard helps protect teeth from trauma and dental injury while playing.

If you, or your child plays sports, a protective mouthguard will provide both peace of mind and protection from injury.

Why not make an appointment today for a consultation and fitting… and preserve your teeth while you sleep, or play!

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